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Snap Off Blades Have So Many Advantages

Snap off blades are extremely versatile, making them useful across a variety of trades. It’s easy to see why they’ve proven to be so popular over the years and we at Knife-Point supply them in abundance. As industry-leading providers of knives and blades to customers in Sheffield and beyond; they form one of our cornerstone products.

We’ve put together a little guide surrounding why snap off blades are well worth your investment. Reasonably priced – and available in a wide variety of sizes – there’s no better place to get yours than from our dedicated and professional team here at Knife-Point:


One of the strongest qualities of snap off blades is that they can be used by tradesman working across a variety of different industries. Graphic arts, crafts, packaging, flooring and roofing are just some of the many fields of work that these tools are utilised within; so you can be sure that you’ll be purchasing a knife that’s up to the standards you require.


At Knife-Point, we stock these blades in a whole variety of sizes. 9mm, 18mm and 25mm are just some of the blade lengths that you can access through us; giving you the freedom of choice you need when it comes to choosing a products that you know will enable you to carry out the quality of work that you require.


One of the most attractive features of these blades in comparison with competitive tools is that you can save money thanks to the fact that these particular types of knives are long-lasting. With sections that literally ‘snap off’ when you require them to; it’s like you’re using a new blade over and over again.


As sections can be broken off as and when they become unusable, the need to look for new tools and frequently change your blades is removed. This is a real positive, as it can save you time and allow you to focus your concentration on the task in hand. When you need to, just snap off the used section to reveal a brand new cutting edge.

Razor Sharp Snap Off Blades from Knife-Point

All of our snap off blades here at Knife-Point are impressively sharp; guaranteeing that the work that you carry out with them will be of excellent quality. With blades manufactured from hardened and tempered carbon steel, the versions of this tool that we supply are absolutely uncompromising in the quality that they deliver.

Swann Morton, Planer Blades and Stanley Knife Blades

It may be that you need more than just snap off blades. If this is the case, we can definitely help with our impressive supply of knives. Planer blades – as well as Swann Morton and Stanley knife blades – are just some of the many more examples of tools that you are able to purchase from us. If you’re interested in finding out more, we’d love to hear from you.

You can give us a call on 07737133030; or drop us an email to

6 Useful Safety Tips to Apply When Using Stanley Knife Blades

Stanley knife blades have been satisfying customers for decades. Here at Knife-Point, we stock and supply a variety of these products to our clients; who work across many different trades. The tools are reliable and deliver consistently high quality results, so it’s easy to understand their popularity.

When it comes to actually implementing the use of stanley knife blades, it can be beneficial to follow some simple safety advice. Whether you’re new to using them – or even if you’ve been doing so for many years – our tips will keep you in good health whilst you’re working:

Lock Your Stanley Knife Blades into Place

First and foremost, it’s essential that you ensure that replacement blades are locked into place when it comes to changing your stanley knife blades. As long as you fasten the sharp end to the handle, you’ll be able to ensure total control over the job that you’re carrying out.

Retract the Knife When You’ve Finished Using it

It may sound simple but plenty of people have been hurt simply because they’ve not remembered to draw the blade back into its handle after use. If you leave it showing, someone could easily be cut; so this is advice that’s well worth making part of your routine when using any sort of blade.

Make Sure That You’re Using a Sharp Blade

A worn blade can spell trouble. If you’ve not changed your existing blades for a long time, you’re running the risk of slippage during implementation. By frequently changing your tools, this problem can be avoided to guarantee that you remain in total control. If the blade is tearing rather than cutting, it needs replacing.

Always Pull the Knife Towards You When Making a Cut

When making a cut on a flat surface, it’s vital that you pull the knife toward you; rather than pushing away in the opposite direction. Again, it’s all to do with remaining in control of the work you’re doing. According to advice on the Stanley website; “a pulling motion is stronger and more positive than pushing the knife away from you and the knife is less likely to slip.”

Show Patience When Cutting Thicker Materials

If you’re in a rush, it can be tempting to speed through the work that you’re carrying out. It’s always more important that you take your time; particularly when it comes to cutting thicker materials. Show patience and cut deeper into the material with each pass.

Position Yourself

Another useful tip is to kneel or stand to one side of the line of the cut you are making. This advice should be applied when you’re making cuts on a surface below you.

Swann Morton Blades Also Available from Knife-Point

Top quality products, choice of blades and long-lasting tools are some of the many benefits attached to the knives we supply here at Knife-Point. swann morton and stanley knife blades are just two examples of the countless reputable cutting tools that you can buy from us, so don’t hesitate to give us a call. You can reach us via 0114 2507554 or 07737133030.

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