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5 Things You Can Expect When You Buy Snap Off Blades from Knife-Point

Here at Knife-Point, we’ve been consistently delivering satisfaction to our customers for many years. A big part of the reason that we’re able to do this is thanks to our commitment to provide a knife supply service that offers great choice, value and quality.

Regardless of the knife blades that you purchase from us, we remain committed to providing you as the client with the tools that are best suited to you. As a result of this, we’re now widely recognised as the leading supplier in the Sheffield area.

Taking a closer look at our snap off blades range in particular, we’ve put together a list of some of the positives you can reasonably expect to come attached when you choose us as your knife blade provider.

The Highest Quality of Products

By continuing to offer the best quality products on the market to our customers, we’ve been able to build up long-lasting relationships with a great deal of them. Our clients recognise the excellent standard of knife blades on offer with us; leaving them confident to keep coming back once they’ve implemented any purchases from us in their line of work.

Competitive Snap Off Blades Pricing

When browsing the Knife-Point site, it will be immediately obvious to you how competitively-priced our products are – regardless of the ones that you require. With relation to our snap off blades, you can purchase these tools from us in a whole host of different quantities; safe in the knowledge that the price is sure to match the service.

The Best Service

One thing you can be absolutely sure of when you choose us is that the service you receive will be truly unrivalled in its quality. Now with over 30 years experience working within the trade, you’d be hard pressed to find a knife blades supplier that’s able to offer the levels of professionalism and commitment that our team are able to do on an ongoing basis.

Speedy Delivery Times

When you purchase anything online, it’s always an added bonus if you can receive the product in question quickly. That’s why our rapid delivery times continue to remain important to us as a company. We make it a priority to fulfil any orders we receive in a timely manner so that you can gain access to the tools you require and carry out the work you need to.

Excellent Choice from Varying Manufacturers

It’s important to us that we continue to offer manufacturer choice to our customers. By doing so, we’re able to give those looking to purchase from us the best chance of gaining access to top quality. Olfa and Stanley are the two most notable of these; and we offer a number of replacement blades to fit handles from these well-know companies.

Contact Knife-Point for Trimming Knife Blades, Snap Off Blades and More

To find out more about our snap off blades – or other products such as our trimming knife blades – please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today. Call 07737133030 to find out more; or drop us an email to

5 Household Tasks to Use Stanley Knife Blades For

Multi-functional tools are incredibly useful round the house; so it’s little wonder that Stanley knife blades continue to prove so popular. Suitable for a variety of different purposes, these cutting tools have been manufactured for decades; so you can be confident in their reliability and quality.

We at Knife-Point whole-heartedly believe in the effectiveness and value of Stanley knife blades; and always offer great choice to our customers when it comes to these products. For those wondering where they may come in useful, we’ve put together a guide surrounding 5 ways in which they could help you around your own property.

Homemade Card Making

An extra-curricular hobby can be highly-rewarding; giving you a focus for your free time. One activity increasingly on the rise is card making; which appeals due to its requirement for creativity. Making cards is also a great way to save money, as you can buy the materials you need in bulk and avoid high shop prices. Stanley knife blades are perfect for cutting any pieces you need for your designs.

University Projects

Architecture, product design and textiles students are just some of the many within education who can benefit from Stanley products. Whether it’s for creating prototypes or models; you can always be sure that they’ll allow you to work accurately and effectively. The blades can also be bought for a reasonable price; which is always an important factor when getting by as a student.

Small DIY Jobs

Do you ever find yourself in a situation around the house when you need to cut something, but don’t have the tools you need to do so? If this sounds familiar, then our Stanley knife blades here at Knife-Point could be a great investment for you to make. They can help you out of all sorts of difficult situations.

Carpet Removal

Whilst they are commonly more popular for crafting application, Stanley knife blades are also suitable for heavy-duty tasks too. Carpet and vinyl are just two of the types of flooring that they can help you remove and there are a number of different options when it comes to blades types. After using these products for applications like carpet fitting, you can look forward to long-term satisfaction.

Model Making

Perhaps not as popular as it once was, model making still has plenty of charm attached to it. A great way to escape the worries of your week and focus your energy on doing something creative; it would be a real shame if it were to die out. For those who do take enjoyment out of the activity, Stanley knife blades are always sure to be useful.

Stanley Knife Blades from Knife-Point in Sheffield

For great choice and quality when it comes to the purchase of blades, look no further than Knife-Point. We’ve been leading the way for the supply of Stanley knife blades, Swann Morton, planer blades, trimming knife blades and snap off blades for many years; and are confident you’ll want to keep coming back once you’ve used us.

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