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Find out about Linbide Scraper Blades


Linbide scraper blades are sold in packs of 10 and are made of 50mm solid fine grain tungsten carbide.  The blades are reversible, disposable and are made for heavy duty hand scrapers like Stanley Knives, Linbide Scrapers and Hamilton Perfection Hammerhead paint scrapers, for example.  Linbide scraper blades are designed to scrape and remove paint, glue and varnish, without the need or use of a flame.  These blades are often used by professional painters and decorators but can be used in the home setting as well as the professional.

Where can I get Linbide Scraper Blades From?

Knife Point is a Yorkshire based company, perfectly based in Steel City or Sheffield as it is also known.  We are dedicated to providing you with the quality blades, knives and tools that you need to finish the job.  We provide these for businesses, professional tradesmen and we also sell to private individuals, too.  Knife Point is a super competitive, low priced company who do not keep anything hidden from you, add discounts for quantities of items and only charge the minimum for delivery.  The combination of these mean that you get great value for you money.  We have over 30 years experience and our aim is to be your first choice supplier by meeting and exceeding your requirements every time you make a purchase from us here at Knife Point for new tools.

Contact Knife Point Today

If you are interested in finding out more about Linbide scraper blades or any other items we stock, such as Stanley Knife Blades, Planer Blades or Trimming Knife Blades then why not contact us today.  You can call us on 07737 133030, email us at or alternatively you can go directly to our website by clicking here to see a selection of our stock for yourself.

Be a Gr8 Pro with GR8 Pro Safety Knives

GR8 Pro Safety Knives are high performance knives that have a unique moving action.  This means that as the cut becomes more challenging to perform the blade initiates a sliding action to complete the cut.  It is this sliding action which creates a clean cut so that snagging and jamming do not occur.  Due to its heavy duty metal body it is the perfect tool to use in heavy duty areas, so is ideal for materials such as cardboard, twine, multi layered cling film and for cutting bands.  The knife handle and the blade are detachable so that the blade can be changed when blunted.  The time it takes to change a blade on the GR8 Pro Knife is a short and speedy estimated 10 seconds, which prevents you from losing time and getting behind with your jobs!  This stainless steel blade and plastic handled knife make a great pairing for top performance, both at home or in the workplace.  These knives are pocket and finger safe, which means that the blade is enclosed in order to prevent accidents.  The GR8 Pro Safety Knives can be used by left and right handed users and come in a range of colours.


Short, Sharp Summary

  • High performance knives
  • Unique moving action
  • Snagging and jamming prevention
  • Sliding action blade
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Plastic handle
  • Use on heavy duty areas
  • For right and left handed users
  • Pocket and finger safe
  • Blade detachable from handle
  • Replaceable blades available
  • 10 second blade change time
  • Available in multiple colours

Where can YOU buy a GR8 Pro Safety Knife from?

Knife-Point, a Sheffield based company, are a leading supplier of knives and it is our intention to become your number one choice of blade supplier.  With 30 years of experience, we stock high quality produce at competitive prices, whilst providing excellent customer service and extremely fast delivery.

Get in touch with Knife-Point today

If you would like to find out more about GR8 Pro Safety Knives or the wide range of other knives that we stock, then contact us here at Knife-Point today.  You can call us on 07737 133030 or click here to go directly to our website.  There you can also see a wide selection of other blades you may be interested in, such as Stanley Knife Blades, Planer Blades and Swann Morton Blades, to name but a few.

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