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Strength, Costs and New Inventions

Swann_Morton_knife_point_medicalA new surgical device has been manufactured which has, at the same time, overcome cost and strength problems.  It has taken around 12 years for developers to get this far after it was discovered that their product did not have the strength for the necessary medical procedures.  So the next 12 years were spent solving this issue of strength within a certain monetary frame, as medics knew that the metal jaws were key to their fine dissection work.  So a hinged jaw has been manufactured to be part of a single-use shear hand piece which is to be used by medics in order for them to perform intricate haemostatic dissection of human tissues in a range of medical areas.

Blades and Nickel – The Medics Choice

These single-use shear hand pieces are used with ultrasonically activated blades and the hinged jaws have now been made out of an often overlooked metal, Hastelloy.  Hastelloy is an alloy with both high nickel and chromium content, which is not only strong but also corrosion resistant, therefore being the medics metal of choice in this area.

Swann Morton and the Medical World

The capabilities of this new medical invention and metal injection moulding process have facilitated new found and close working partnerships between that of leading medical device manufacturers, including that of Swann MortonSwann Morton are well known in the medical industry and rely on that of independently owned companies to provide them with complex and often small parts which cannot be manufactured in the traditional ways, often this is due to prohibited costs or design issues, not lack of ability for manufacture.

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