Choosing a Dolphin Knife or Delphin Knife for Professional Tradesmen

Choosing a dolphin Knife or a delphin knife is easy if you make sure that the knives you are looking at are genuine. Sadly, there are some cheaper imitations out there, and they can easily found on the internet with a quick search. But if you want a professional finish and a product that is guaranteed to last, choosing a genuine dolphin knife or dolphin knife is definitely the best option for you.

Dolphin knives, or delphin knives as they are known in Germany, are the perfect choice for professional tradesmen such as floorers or carpet fitters. These types of knives are the most popular type of knives used to lay carpets and hard flooring such as lino or laminate flooring. The great thing about choosing a dolphin knife or dolphin knife is that they have a unique shape which is 3 dimensional, making them perfect for the uses outlined above.

Dolphin knives and dolphin knives are very balanced when cutting through the material required, and they are a pleasure to use due to their comfortable grip. Luckily, it is very easy to remove the blade of the dolphin knife should a new one be needed because of the convenient thumbscrew opening. Replacing the blade is easy and you don’t need a screwdriver to remove the blade and secure it back in. Using the thumbscrew, you can open and close it in just over three revolutions of the wheel.

Some dolphin knives and dolphin knives also have space inside them to hold spare blades. By storing blades internally in a dedicated compartment, you will never be without a spare to hand for your next job. Some compartments even hold up to 10 blades so your dolphin knife will always be sharp. The advantage of having spare blades on hand is that you never have to stop in the middle of a job to go out and buy a new blade for your dolphin knife, or search around to find your spares. By keeping them in the compartment within the knife, they are always there when you need them, so you can carry on with the task in hand without any disruption.

Delphin knife blades and dolphin knife blades consist of one aluminium blade which is manufactured from the highest quality aluminium and also polished to a finish that is attractive and durable.

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