The city of Sheffield has long been recognised as the knife making capital of the United Kingdom. Situated on the eastern edge of the Pennines, Sheffield utilised the advantages of its natural surroundings to become the famous knife and blade manufacturing ‘Steel City’.

Knife-Point are a Sheffield based manufacturer of knives and blades. Knife-Point as a company have over twenty five years of experience in the knife and blade trade, supplying Stanley knife blades, hooked blades, concave blades and carpet fitting tools to a range of customers and industries across the United Kingdom.

The extensive range of knives and blades on offer at Knife-Point also include Olfa Safety Knives, Gr8 Pro Safety Knives, Bosch Planer Blades, and Black & Decker Planer Blades. In addition, a range of Stanley knife blades are also available, including but not limited to Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 and Stanley 1996 blades.

The rich history of Sheffield and its fantastic reputation for manufacturing knives and blades are reputable foundations for Knife-Point. As Sheffield based manufacturers and suppliers of knives and blades, we are extremely proud of our reputation, and consider our range of knives and blades to be a testament to the knife making heritage of the steel city.

Benjamin Huntsman developed what is known as crucible or cast steel in Sheffield in 1740. This type of steel is the perfect material for making the finest quality knives and blades. The development of cast steel allowed Sheffield to expand very quickly in the 1800’s. The steel city of Sheffield soon became famous all over the world for its production and manufacture of knives and tools. Knife-Point are proud to supply and manufacture a range of knives including safety knives, trimming knife blades, woodworking planer blades, hooked blades and concave blades, all made in the steel city itself.

By 1900, Sheffield was soon known as ‘Knife City’ as it began to produce enormous numbers of knives and edged tools. With excellent quality products, Sheffield prided itself on the manufacture of excellent quality knives and blades which were sought after throughout the United Kingdom and the world. Millions of knives and blades manufactured in Sheffield during this time are considered amongst the best examples of Victorian engineering.

Here at Knife-Point, our staff are committed to upholding the fantastic reputation of knife and blade manufacturing that Sheffield still holds. We can supply your business with a specific brand of knife or blade, including olfa safety knives, gr8 pro safety knives, bosch planer blades or black & decker planer blades. We are also fully equipped to provide businesses and individuals with certain specifications of knives including Stanley knives, Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 and Stanley 1996.

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