Hooked Blades for Cutting Flooring, Roofing and Textiles

Hooked blades from Knife-point in Sheffield are of the highest quality. Our Sheffield based knife and blade business is one of the industry leaders in blades and we stock a variety of different products including Stanley knife blades and concave blades. We also supply a wide range of good quality and affordable hooked blades and carpet fitting tools to business across the UK, especially those that need to cut flooring, roofing or textiles in their everyday work.

When choosing the right hooked blade, it is important to make sure that the blade fits into your retractable utility knife. Before ordering from our knife and blade website, it is also important to ensure that the hooked blade is exactly the right type of blade to fit your utility knife, and will therefore be suitable to use for your cutting needs. Hooked blades are ideal for roofing contractors and carpet or floor installers, as they carry out the job quickly and efficiently without damaging the underlying material.

Hooked blades can be used for cutting roofing shingles before they are affixed to the roof of the building in question. This is important because roof shingles need to be kept from lining up exactly without gaps so that water can still pass between them and under them. This action obviously prevents the roof from leaking and damaging the interior of the house. Most tiles have guide marks on them which will make it far easier to use the hooked blade to cut the roofing shingles accurately.

Care should be taken to cut the tiles with the hooked blade in keeping with the guide marks on the tile, as deviating from these lines may create an awkward pattern when the shingle is attached to the roof. The correct hooked blade will ensure that the cuts on your roofing shingles remain in a uniform pattern. Hooked blades can also be used to cut shingles so that they fit around pipes. By cutting a circular cut out to fit the shingle around the pipe, a neat job can be achieved that will look good.

Hooked blades are used a lot for roofing, flooring and textiles; because they can be used to cut surface materials without damaging whatever is underneath. Hooked blades can be used for cutting carpet or linoleum. They are particularly handy for cutting carpet and lino because they are designed to be used for cutting without causing any damage to the surface beneath.

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