How to Ensure the Safe Usage of Stanley Knife Blades

Before you begin cutting whatever it is you wish you to cut, you must make sure that you check the Stanley knife blade is securely seated in the knife itself. Stanley knife blades are fully replaceable, and this means that they will slide out of the knife easily for when they need to be replaced. This also means that your knife will always have a sharp blade as long as you replace it regularly, which you should do for optimum use and effective cutting.

Before you use your Stanley knife blades to cut a material, you must ensure that the blade itself is not loose in any way. You must also make sure that, should you be using a retractable blade, it is fully extended from the body of the knife before you begin the process of cutting.

Before you begin to use your Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 or your Stanley 1996, you should make sure you are standing in front of the surface you wish to cut, with your feet securely placed on the floor. It is best to kneel or stand to one side of the line you wish to cut if you are cutting on a surface that is below the level of your chest. This will give you the best control of your Stanley knife blade, and make sure that your body is well out of the way of the edge of the surface that you are cutting.

The next step in the cutting process is to place your free hand, as in the one that is not holding the knife, in an area that you will be able to support yourself if you need to.  Your free hand must be at the very least six inches from the cutting line of your Stanley knife blade. This way, you will have time to move out of the way before you injure yourself, and save your hand should an accident occur.

As you pull the knife toward you as you cut, make sure that you do not push the blade away from you when it is on a cutting line. A pulling motion should be used, which makes the cutting process faster and much more efficient. This method of cutting also makes it far less likely for the Stanley knife blades to slip when you pull it towards you.

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