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Knife point are one of the leading suppliers of knives and quality tools for business, tradesmen, crafts and DIY. Examples of the available knives in stock are Olfa safety knives, Gr8 pro safety knives, Bosch planer blades, Black & Decker planer blades, Dolphin knives and Delfin knives. Other available blades and knives include safety knives, hooked and concave blades, carpet fitting tools and a number of branded blades

Based in Sheffield, UK, Knife Point is quickly growing to become one of the largest and best suppliers of knives at the best prices. Sheffield is the city where Stainless Steel was invented and the heart of the industrial revolution and Knife Point build on this rich history to bring you the finest knives and blades available. Knife making and cutlery production in Sheffield span back hundreds of years providing Knife Point with a foundation of quality and innovation.

Knife-Point, as a supplier of the best trimming knives, hand knives, hand tool blades and safety knives (to name only a few) are committed to quality. Their customers can give testament to the fact they only supply the highest quality blades and brands such as Stanley, Olfa, Gem Red, Swan Morton and Delfin knives.

Knife Point is a retail and wholesale online shop supplying to tradesmen, DIY enthusiasts and wholesalers. The most notable products include Stanley knife blades (including Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192, Stanley 1996), Don Carlos knives, scraper blades, and woodworking planer blades, safety knives, hooked blades, trimming knife blades, carpet fitting tools and even 9mm snap off blades.

Visit Knife Point’s website to see the full range of blades and knives where you can browse and buy knives and blades online and all prices include taxes so there are no nasty surprises at the checkout! You’ll be able to get more information on the range of safety knives, trimming knife blades, Stanley knife blades and carpet fitting tools and you may also be eligible for a bulk discount meaning our knife prices won’t be beaten.

Knife Point are aiming to become your first choice supplier by providing excellent service, free delivery, the best prices and transparent pricing. Visit their website for more information

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