Looking After Wood Working Planer Blades from Bosch and Black & Decker

The correct maintenance of wood working planer blades is essential for keeping them working well for years to come. If you need to sharpen your wood working planer blade, black & decker planer blade or bosch planer blade, it is really important to do it very carefully using the correct tools.

If you do not sharpen a knife or blade properly, it will not work as well as it should do for the job you wish to do with it. Knives and blades need to be sharpened at different angles depending on the type of knife. Some knives are easier to sharpen than others but there are basic general rules that apply to sharpening a knife or a wood working planer blade.

If you decide to sharpen your bosch planer blade yourself, you should follow a series of simple steps to ensure that you do not damage the wood working planer blade or injure yourself in the process of sharpening. For example, when you assemble the planer blade, put the blade into the honing guide to make sure that it holds it in the bevel – side down position. Then you should adjust the blade so that the full bevel connects to the surface.

Firstly, your whetstone should then be oiled and tapping oil is useful for cleaning the metal surface. You should then attempt to remove any nicks on the blade of your wood working planer blade, black & decker planer blade or bosch planer blade. If you do find them, it is important to only apply the course side of the whetstone to the wood working planer blade. Ensure that the blade is worked with a pushing action instead of a pulling action to avoid burring the edge of the blade.

To keep your black & decker planer blade in good condition, regular maintenance checks are aessential. By checking your wood working planer blade at regular intervals, you can be assured that its bevel keeps in the best shape and the blade of it remains sharp.

A good way to check the sharpness of your bosch planer blade, your black & decker planer blade or your wood working planer blade is to tilt it and turn it towards the light. Observe how the light reflects upon the bevel of the blade and if it is sharp the bevel will appeaer flat.

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