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Artists think outside the box on multiple levels every time they complete a piece of work but Mark Langan has given a completely new meaning to the phrase, as hecreates artwork quite literally out of the box.  The 50 year old spends hours on end cutting, folding and gluing pieces of corrugated cardboard together in order to produce some of the worlds most environmentally friendly artwork pieces, recreating well known pieces such as Munch’s Scream, which he made out of somewhere in the realms of 2,000 individually cut pieces of cardboard box.  Each piece of work takes an average time of 120 hours and so far he has created 200 pieces to date.  Altough Langan is aware that his artwork is very low tech and it is in effect classed as “garbage art”, he is extremely particular about the brand of knife he uses in order to produce his masterpieces.  He likes to use non-toxic glue, a cutting mat, a steel rail, a ruler and an Olfa snap razor knife, which along with skill, planning, maths and patience are the keys to what is most definitely a spectacularly impressive portfolio.

More about Olfa Snap Off Knife

The Olfa Snap off knife is a heavy duty knife which is perfect for opening cartons, packages, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, boxes and much more.  Its blades are easy to remove and safe, easy and fast to replace.  This knife can be used by amateurs or professional DIY-ers either at home or in the work place, as they are just as good for cutting wallpaper as they are for doing arts and crafts projects at home.  These Olfa knives are light, easy to use and easily accessible for the use of people with any amount of experience.  Many Olfa knives, such as the Olfa extra heavy duty snap off knife, have a wheel look and a non slip rubber grip, too, because your safety is paramount to use.

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