Stanley Knife Blades and the Safe Use of Them

It is really important to use a Stanley knife in a safe way, whether it is a Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 or a Stanley 1996. One of the ways to protect yourself from Stanley knife blades is to wear protective goggles to prevent damage to your eyes. The sharp cutting blade of the knife can release bits of whatever surface you are cutting through, and this may get in your eyes if goggles are not worn to protect them.

If you are cutting through a thicker surface, then making a series of shallow cuts will penetrate the thick material thicker and faster than trying to cut through it in one go. By making shallow incisions with your Stanley knife blade, you can reduce your chances of the blade slipping and maybe even breaking in the process.

Another way of keeping yourself safe when you use Stanley knife blades is to make sure that you replace it whenever it becomes dull. You can tell when a blade is becoming old as it will feel more like it is tearing through the material rather than cutting through it. This can make the blade slip and therefore create a safety hazard.

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