Stanley Knife Versus Cable Cutters

stanley-knife-blade-knife-pointApparently, this has been a longstanding debate between tradesmen, especially, it seems, with Electricians.  So, we have decided to have a little investigation and see if we can come to some form of conclusion to help our tradesmen customers make the right decision for them, their customers and with their safety in mind.  Obviously, it depends on what type of cables and their thickness, but we hope to find an answer for general use on data and communication, domestic twin and skin cables.  Though industrial SWA cables will most probably be a different matter altogether.

The Pros of the Cable Cutters and the Stanley Knife

Firstly, it sounds as if most tradesmen feel that cable cutters and Stanley Knives are not an interchangeable commodity – it’s an either or solution.

Cable cutters are more bulky, more expensive and tend to be used when Stanley Knives have been exhausted.  They are used on much thicker wires but aren’t always able to solve the problem.  There are also queries as to the safety of the user, should fingers (for example) get in the way!

A Stanley Knife is slimmer, but sturdy.  They are cheaper and new blades can be acquired economically and changed oneself extremely easily.  They have a screw locking safety system to avoid losing your fingers, too.  Yes, okay, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to cut through an industrial SWA cable with a Stanley Knife, but it’s not easy or always possible with cable cutters.

Regarding safety, it is debated as to whether wearing gloves is helpful or not.  It seems apparent that although gloves can protect your fingers from getting cut, or worst case scenario, cut off, gloves can often be more of a hindrance than a help.  Why?  The feeling in your hands and fingers is lost so you are very likely to misjudge your actions, leading to injury.  Especially if the blade used is a blunt one!  No, this is not a mistake, it does say blunt!  Why is a blunt knife more dangerous than a sharp one?  Because the user applies much more pressure to the knife for it to cut through the wire and when it slips it does much greater damage, causing much worse of an injury.

Stanley Knife or Cable Cutters

In our opinion, we would always choose a Stanley Knife.  Why?  Because it easier to use, cheaper, has replaceable blades so you can always keep them sharp, has a safety locking device, it’s sturdy, it’s slim and available in multiple sizes and lengths.  It may not be able to cut through industrial SWA wires very easily but…nothing is perfect…and realistically, how often are you going to be cutting through those anyway?!

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