3 Types of People Our Swann Morton Knife Blades Can Help

Having been established within the knife industry for over 30 years, we’re well placed to help a variety of people requiring blades. That is particularly true of our Swann Morton knife blades, which have been delivering customer satisfaction for decades. Coming from such a reputable manufacturer, they are guaranteed to result in quality.

Our rapid delivery system ensures that we’re always able to get your new tools to you swiftly, so you’ll be able to put them into play and improve your end products imminently. Versatile – and suitable for a number of different handles – it’s easy to see why Swann Morton blades are continuing to prove so popular. Here’s a list of 3 groups of people we at Knife-Point can help:

Private Individuals

Many people widely implement these blades purely for hobby purposes. Hobby-crafting has become an incredibly popular pastime and Swann Morton’s brand of knives are perfectly placed to help.

Whether you’re a card maker looking to carefully-cut individual segments for your final design; a model maker who needs each of the pieces of your overall mock product to be absolutely perfect; or a photographer accurately cutting prints; Swann Morton’s knife blades can help in every way.


Students are another great example of individuals who can benefit from these blades. Those studying architecture, graphic design and textiles are just some of the many people who regularly implement these products and it’s easy to understand why.

The accuracy that comes attached to them makes them incredibly appealing for those designing models that need to impress tutors, products that need to secure them good grades and many other tasks which require the best tools in order for them to shine.

Businesses and Tradesman

These knife blades can also be useful for a variety of tradesman and business people. They can assist when it comes to carrying out tasks that require the utmost accuracy and are sure to leave you and your client satisfied with the end results after they have been utilised.

Swann Morton knife blades can be utilised by those working across a number of professions; with graphic design, architecture and flooring just some of the many diverse examples. The fact that they can be applied to so many different tasks forms a big part of their appeal.

Trimming Knife Blades and Stanley Knife Blades as Well as Swann Morton

Competitively priced and fantastic value for money, Swann Morton knife blades are sure to satisfy you for the long-term. Our supply of blades doesn’t just stop here though. Trimming knife blades, snap off blades, planer blades and Stanley knife blades can also be found it plentiful supply; so you’re bound to find the right tool no matter your trade.

Even if you can’t see the blade you desire throughout our website, we’ll often be able to source the one require. Whatever your requirements we’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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