The Musical Penknife

stanley-knife-knife-pointDuring a recent episode of The Antiques Roadshow, Mr Hopkins from Berkshire took a musical penknife to be examined by the antiques experts.  This particular episode of The Antiques Roadshow was filmed at Broughton Castle – a beautiful stately setting near to Banbury.  It was antiques expert, Jon Baddeley who had the pleasure of meeting Clive Hopkins who had taken his daughter-in-laws musical penknife for a special day out.  Baddeley was amazed by the utility knife, not only because of its incredibly good condition but because neither him nor his colleagues had ever seen one before.  Due to these factors and the fact that this knife, similar to that of a Stanley Knife, is currently so popular and desirable, Mr Baddeley gave it the fantastic estimate of £80,000.  He stated that if no one has ever seen one before then people want it more and buyers are happy to pay more for a one off item as they want to be unique.

Swiss Stanley Knife

It was discovered that this magical, musical penknife was at least 200 years old having been made in Switzerland between 1810 and 1820.  It has two blades, one of which is silver gilt with inlaid sea pearls.  The musical element comes from a wind up key arm, which unfortunately was not working during its appearance one The Antiques Roadshow.  However, Mr Hopkins has promised that he will get the key fixed and return to the show in order for the antiques experts to see the penknife in its full splendour.  The family owning the penknife must make up their minds as to whether they wish to sell this unique item to a private buyer or to display it in a museum.

The Stanley Knife

The Stanley Knife – a small but heavy duty, extremely effective piece of kit which no one – home DIYer or professional craftsman – should ever be without.  There are many varieties to choose from, though some more popular than others, you will have heard of Stanley.  Stanley, for example, make many different types of snap off blade utility knives, including the Stanley Fat Max and the Stanley Interlock Knife.

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