The Use of Concave Blades and Trimming Knife Blades for Precision Cutting

Concave blades and trimming knife blades are perfect for precision cutting on materials such as leather and marquetry. These types of blades are the perfect solution for projects that require a large amount of accuracy. Concave blades can be used on many different materials including composite aluminium sheet, wood, miliput, and craft materials. They can also be used for cutting fabrics and carpets.

Hooked blades have a hooked cutting edge at each end of the blade which makes them ideal for cutting sheet material. A hooked blade allows you to quickly and easily hook the blade over the end of the sheet of material that you would like to cut. You can then draw back; cutting only the layer of the sheet material that you wish to.

Hooked blades are the perfect type of blade for cutting sheet material including floor coverings and sheeting made of plastic. They can also be used for trimming roofing materials, linoleum and carpet fabrics. The blades themselves have deep hooks for cutting thick materials and work well in most standard utility knives. Hooked blades are perfect for use in the packaging industry.

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