The use of knives and blades in hobby craft projects

Here at Knife-Point, traditional suppliers of knives and blades based in Sheffield, we stock a huge range of crafting knives and their replacement blades at very competitive prices. Our knives, blades and tools are perfect for a variety of industries, as well as for use in trades, DIY work, crafts, and hobbies.

Our extensive range of Stanley knife blades, trimming knife blades and Swann Morton blades are perfect for hobbies and craft projects. By using good quality knives and blades such as ours, you will be able to cut a variety of materials with perfect precision and intricate detail. Our hobby tools and knives make the perfect tools for modelling and art and craft projects. Here at Knife-Point, we supply individuals and businesses with craft knives, modelling tools and wood working tools.

The trimming knife blades, safety knives, Swann Morton tools, and Olfa knives we supply at Knife-Point provide fantastic ergonomic control and superior precision cutting. Whether you need to cut through lightweight materials such as paper, card, or fabric, or thicker materials such as thin metal, plastic, balsa wood, our range of knives, blades and tools will be perfect for your crafting project.

Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, our hand tools are perfect for hobbycraft, modelling, and art and craft. Our Olfa craft knives, trimming knife blades and scrapers, and woodworking tools will cut with careful precision to produce consistent, precise cuts. They are also durable and reliable, and will cut all grades of paper, mat board, foam board, fabrics, sheet metal and plastic.

We also offer discounts for orders of knives, blades and tools made in bulk, including our range of Olfa safety knives, gr8 pro safety knives, Bosch planer blades and Stanley knives, including Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 and Stanley 1996. We also offer discounts for wholesale job lots which are perfect for saving money if you need to buy large quantities of knives, blades or tools at an affordable price.

We supply Stanley knives and wood working tools specifically for projects that require precision cutting and the highest levels of accuracy. Our safety knives, snap off blades, hooked blades, and concave blades provide a superior level of cutting precision that will give you the perfect cut every time.

With supreme quality craftsmanship, Knife-Point can provide you as a business or individual with 9mm snap off blades, Stanley knife blades, dolphin knives, delphin knives and don carlos knives. We also supply an extensive range of and wood working tools and branded knives and blades such as carpet fitting and floor laying tools, circular saw blades, pro Safety knives and spare blades.

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