The World Famous Stanley Knife

Fat Max Stanley Knife Blade

Fat Max Stanley Knife Blade

If you are anything like us, we like to know the history behind our products and this time we are writing about the Stanley Knife.

The brand, Stanley, became known in the 19th century, when the first of Frederick Stanley’s shops were opened in Connecticut, 1834.  Initially, the Stanley Knife was aimed at professional tradesmen but has become popular over the years with DIY fanatics, too.  Frederick Stanley’s aim was not to sell as many knives as possible but to sell knives to customers that would last them, well, forever, and at the same time this gave him feedback and ideas to create new ideas for different and more useful tools for his customers.  Interestingly, Stanley later merged with another company to pioneer power tools, which is a name known in every house hold today, Black and Decker.

The Stanley Knife

Thought to be the most famous of the Stanley tools range, is the Stanley Knife, which is now a standard, every day piece of equipment for any professional or home DIY fan.  It transformed the way virtually any material was cut because it could cut any material.

Stanley Knife Blades

Stanley Knife Blades are manufactured in hardened and tempered carbon steel which enables them to be top quality blades which are razor sharp and perfect for any job you need to undertake.  They are often used for roofing, flooring, packaging, hobbies, graphic arts and crafts.  They are designed to withstand the most arduous of both materials and tasksHeavy duty concave blades are also oiled for further lubrication to aid with making the perfect cut.  Single edge scrapers are individually guarded on supply and can be used with or without a scraper.  They are perfect for removing residue from any surface, like glass, and are great for window cleaner, painters and decorators.  Stanley Fat Max extra heavy duty blades will fit any type of Stanley and because it has a patented induction hardened cutting edge, it will give you a sharper, longer lasting blade, making it ideal for activities such as carpet, lino and vinyl cutting.

Knife Point and You

Knife Point is a leading supplier of the Stanley Knife and Stanley Knife Blades, in Sheffield.  So if you need more information about Stanley or would like to purchase a Stanley Knife or Stanley Knife Blades, then please get in contact with us, here at Knife Point, on 07737 133030, email us at or click here to be taken directly to our website so you can look at our knife and blade selection for yourself.

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