Traditional Sheffield knife and blade making skills

Sheffield is well known for its traditional knife making skills. From Stanley knives to safety knives, hooked blades to concave blades, Sheffield have a history of providing the highest quality and finest workmanship. For hundreds of years, Sheffield has been the epicentre of the knife making trade having established its reputation for the production of knives and blades as early as the 13th century.

Knife makers were originally called ‘Little mesters’ in the mid 1800s. At this time, there were many highly skilled craftsmen working in the city of Sheffield. Knife-Point’s reputation as a reliable and quality knife maker and supplier has been founded on the backbone of these craftsmen, who are pillars of the world’s cutlery and tool making capital commonly known as the Steel city.

By 1900, Sheffield employed tens of thousands of workers manufacturing knives such as snap off blades, hooked blades, concave blades, and safety knives. Sheffield was also at the forefront of technology regarding the production of the very highest levels of steel. In fact, stainless steel was actually discovered in Sheffield in 1912 by Harry Brearley in Brown Firth Laboratories in Sheffield. Brearley’s successor Dr William Hatfield then carried on the development of stainless steel. Finally in 1924, Hatfield succeeded in patenting ‘18-8 stainless steel’, which is now the widest used alloy of this type in the world.

As manufacturers and suppliers of quality knives and blades in Sheffield, we know more than anyone that just about everyone born and bred in Sheffield can name a relative or two that may at some point have worked in the cutlery trade. Sheffielders really know their stuff when it comes to knives, which is why Knife-Point are proud to be able to supply and manufacture all types of knives today including dolphin knives, delphin knives, don carlos knives, 9mm snap off blade and Stanley knife blades.

We also offer a range of hooked blades, concave blades, carpet fitting tools and Olfa safety knives to individuals and businesses throughout the United Kingdom and the world. The knife making tradition is still very much alive in Sheffield, and the city continues to be recognised as a nationally important part of England’s proud industrial heritage.

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