Trimming Knife Blades Ensure Quality Carpet Fitting

As a carpet fitter, there are a number of different ways for you can ensure you carry out high quality work on every job. Taking responsibility for everything from training to the tools that you use should stand you in good stead. We’ve taken a look at 5 points which are worth bearing in mind – including the use of trimming knife blades.

Choose Your Team Carefully

For every job you work on, you’ll want the right team behind you. In all likelihood, you’ll be working with at least one other person – whether it’s for carpet fitting at commercial or domestic premises – so it pays to pick your staff wisely. If you have confidence in their ability and have made sure that they’re well trained, you shouldn’t run into any difficulties.

Manage the Size of the Job Appropriately

To make sure that the work you do is cost-effective, you need to pick the size of your team appropriately. If you’re just fitting carpets for a couple of rooms in a small home, you’re not going to need more than a couple of pairs of hands. In contrast to this, if you’re working on a carpet refit for large commercial premises, then one or two people aren’t going to be enough for you to carry out the work quickly.

Use the Best Materials

It goes without saying that using better quality carpets will enable you to have more chance of satisfying your clients. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune on the products that you source; you just need to research where you get them from. By doing so, you’ll learn where you can get the best deals; both for your finances and those of your customers.

Try Our Fantastic Trimming Knife Blades

Making sure you have the right tools is perhaps the most important factor in any carpet fitting job. When cutting materials, it’s essential that you’re able to work precisely and for the implementation of the work there is no better product than our trimming knife blades. With plenty of choice available to you – both in size and quantity – they’re sure to be ideal.

Get Testimonials

A great way to help you get repeat custom is through the publication of client testimonials on your website. With every job you work on you’ll want to make an impression and when you do this, it makes sense to record the happiness of the customer. Simply asking them to put a few words together for you is easy to do and it could well pay dividends for you in the long run.

Snap Off Blades, Trimming Knife Blades and Planer Blades from Knife-Point

As well as supplying trimming knife blades, we at Knife-Point also offer a number of other cutting tool ranges to our customers. Snap off blades and planer blades are two other examples of products that our popular with our clients. To find out more please don’t hesitate to give us a call today on 07737133030.

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