Trimming Knife Blades for Professional Tradesmen and Businesses

Based in Sheffield, Knife-point is dedicated to supplying businesses, professional tradesmen and private individuals with hooked blades, concave blades, trimming knife blades and scraper blades. We only supply the highest quality knives and blades to our customers, upholding the reputation of Sheffield as being the finest knife making city in the UK and possibly the world.

We provide a range of concave blades, trimming knife blades and scraper blades to a variety of people in all kinds of different industries. Scraper blades are perfect for painters and decorators because they do an excellent job of stripping wallpaper.

When the existing wall paper needs to be stripped from a wall because a new type is being put up or a home makeover is on the cards, scraper blades are the ideal choice. They are sharp enough to effectively remove the layer or layers of wallpaper without damaging the material underneath, and they are very resistant to bending even when a certain amount of pressure is applied to the scraper blade. Scraper blades from Knife-point can also be used for stripping artex and plaster board.

Trimming knife blades are also handy tools that can be ordered directly from Knife-point. Made in Sheffield, these general purpose blades are of the highest quality and are very heavy duty for long life and durability. These trimming knife blades can be used to cut carpet, vinyl and any other type of sheet material. They are also compatible with Stanley knives and can be used as a value replacement for Stanley knife blades.

Trimming knife blades should be in the toolbox of any good craftsman or tradesman, and these blades can be relied upon to last a long time. They have reversible polished steel blades which have very accurately ground cutting edges for precision cutting and minimal mistakes.

Every one of the hooked blades, concave blades, trimming knife blades and scraper blades on offer at Knife-point are very competitively priced and excellent quality. Our prices are very low for a knife and blade supplier with such a high quality of products and we try really hard to keep our prices competitive. We are also able to negotiate pricing when we receive a scheduled bulk or volume purchase. For this kind of discount, all you have to do is simply call us and we can have a chat about what we can do. We will do our very best to give you the best possible deal on top of our already very low pricing.




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