Trimming Knives and Scraper Blades for Individuals and Tradesmen

Trimming knife blades are a very handy tool and should be in the toolbox of any good craftsman or tradesman. The trimming knife blades, hooked blades and concave blades supplied by Knife-point can be relied upon to last a very long time, saving money as they don’t need to be replaced as often.

Our trimming knife blades have a reversible polished steel blade, which have very accurately ground cutting edges which are perfect for precision cutting and will ensure that you make minimal mistakes. They also come in a convenient plastic box with a secure lid to ensure that your blades stay safe and sound until you need them, and can be reached easily when it is time to use them.

All of our hooked blades, concave blades and trimming knife blades are very suitable for businesses, professional tradesmen and private individuals. We also supply scraper blades which are excellent for decorator and painters alike because they do a great job of stripping wallpaper. They can be used to remove old, worn or unwanted wallpaper from walls, and although they are very sharp, they will not cause damage to the underlying surface material because of the way that they are designed.

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