Use an Olfa Safety Knife to Stay Ahead of Design Innovations

An Olfa safety knife can provide the best possible solution to simple cutting tasks. If you choose this tool to complete the job required you can be safely assured that it will be providing high quality and accuracy when cutting. The knife is made out of only the finest quality of tool steel, through a multi-step production process and the finished item is of the highest standard available on the market.

The Olfa safety knife possesses multiple functionalities in its design, and has a number of features that make it stand out in its market. As a workman using the knife you can work in the knowledge that all Olfa safety knife blades are adjusted to the relevant means. Hardness, sharpening angles, the coarseness of whetstone and the speed of grinding are all individually considered for each time of blade.

Longevity forms an essential part of the design components that build up the Olfa safety knifes special qualities. The blade has the best balance of sharpness and longest blade life according to its usage.

A complex design process formed the basis of the designing of the knife. The founder of Olfa, Yoshio Okada, determined the shape of the blade cutter after grabbing and holding hundreds of stones along a river. The unique design qualities and processes that go into making the Olfa safety knife blades ensures its users that they are obtaining a knife that brings with it characterizes that cannot be found in competitive tools on the market.

Comfort is carefully considered in the manufacture of each and every knife that is designed, and the best hand comfort is achieved. This is an essential quality for workers using the knife, as being comfortable whilst working breeds higher productivity and as a result, a more successful end result will be produced.

The hand-it control of the knife ensures the ultimate cutting performance when it is used. Typical uses for the knife are in warehousing, carton opening, scrap booking, card making, quilting and fabric use. The obvious versatility that an Olfa safety knife provides during its use means that it is a very worthwhile investment if as a worker you are looking for a knife that not only delivers high performance, but one that also is extremely comfortable to use due to the ergonomic considerations that have gone into the creation of it.

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