Using Carpet Fitting Tools and Stanley Knives to Fit a Carpet

A new carpet is a great way to revamp a room or even an entire house. When decorating, a new carpet can contribute to the overall effect of a makeover too. Installing a carpet isn’t the easiest of jobs and if you do decide to do it yourself, you need to make sure you have the right carpet fitting tools and other types of blades such as a Stanley knife or utility knife.

Using specialised carpet fitting tools will ensure that you make a professional job of fitting the carpet, as well as making sure you take your time and work methodically throughout the process. Carpet fitting tools can be purchased from a variety of good knife and blade suppliers throughout the UK, and buying quality carpet fitting tools is a must for getting the job just right.

Before you get out your carpet fitting tools or safety knife, you will need to remove the old carpet from the floor of the room you wish to work on. By removing the mouldings that surround the room and taking the door off, you will be able to easily take the old carpet out of the room and put the new one in.

Use a Stanley knife or similar, such as a Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 or a Stanley 1996 to cut the carpet into strips which can be easily disposed of. You may want to give the carpet a vacuum before you use your Stanley knife to pick up as much dust and debris as you can to prevent yourself from breathing it in.

The next step you will need to carry out is to pull the carpet off the tackless strips and then roll it into sections. After you have laid the underpad you can move onto laying the carpet for your room. When installing the carpet, make sure that the piece you lay is a few centimetres bigger than the floor itself. This means that it can be trimmed with a Stanley knife to make it fit properly against the edges of the room.  Again, use a Stanley knife, such as a Stanley 1992, Stanley 5192 or a Stanley 1996 to cut the carpet. Or you could use a safety knife, as this will help you to get a clean, precise edge to the carpet for a professional finish.

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